Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

Amicable Look

It has been a long time; I never use my time to take a ‘look’.

Cleaner Streets using their broomstick helps us as a driver or pedestrian. I meet them in at 6 am, sometimes on Sunday; they are become my first friends. Is that from willingness that they want to clean the street? I ever asked one of them, if the weather is bad, the uniform is wrapped by raincoat, and they still clean the street. They said that they didn’t have other option to earn the salary.

Since on elementary school till now, I love walking as pedestrian, and by that, I meet ‘silent’ of experiences. It’s not make sense as logically, but it’s happened. The sitting woman sold the small wrapped macaronis only 2000 rupiahs, while her sides were selling phone casing, batagor, veils and bros.

Or other woman, she always sits beside the school sold ‘tempe mendoan’. Her physic can’t be tolerated as a healthy man. Her half face, hand, foot were swollen. I never know what real happen with her, but she tried harder to sell her tempe although the product became rotten by the time.

The most enchanted it is the man brings his bicycle. He got paralyzed on his left foot and quite humpbacked. He can’t ride his bike, but he always pushes the bike slowly. His steps never catch normal people did. On that bike, there is, bracket filled water, and wood box. He loves black wearing kopiah and sarung. Sometimes, I meet him together a person who helped his for across the street. I really didn’t know what did he sell, but he stayed on traditional market, walked loitering.

If you walked along on pasar rumput after 9PM, you will walk together with ‘pemulung’, watched them collect the plastic glass, and counting it, or unintentional, you will see people take a bath, wash their face under the bridge, precisely close to kanal bridge, and railway track.

Gasoline seller on the street closed to my home, a family live next to River Bridge, parents and one boy. The parents shift their time in sleep on mattress while drivers on the street want to buy gasoline. They have warm heart, never talk insolently. Willingness their heart to stay along days on the street, breathe with gasoline, makes me grateful that Jakarta’s life makes us to redefine willingness.

When I was a volunteer in NGO which concerned to blind people in Jakarta, I realized that even I have to catch long distance to arrived that place, but when I meet people with working together with me, same vision, and have same ‘smile’ for some reasons, at those night I feel very grateful, and thinks harder how to handle my activities so that can catch that place more. Proved, this activity makes me open-mind for disable people and how to treat them more polite.

It does not mean taciturn, but see accurately sometimes makes me more open-minded. What we look and hear, it doesn’t mean the fact, it’s like huge puzzle that need time by time to solve, sometimes, the formula doesn’t match, sometimes the key to open the answer never work because there is other keys need to be found.

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